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[1]I’m Feeling Lucky

This might be the first (or the last), in the series of posts I’m planning to write as I drive through the book ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ -by Douglas Edwards.

Finally forward and fired his best shot, what he came to call “the hard question”. I’m going to give you five minutes, “ he(Sergey) announced."When I come back, I want you to explain to me something complicated that I don’t already know.” He then rolled out of the room toward the snack area.

If asked me, what will I do?

I started to learn stuff from when I was about 3 years old, up till now. That’s gonna make a little less than twenty years.

Given five minutes I don’t really know what I know so much, so deep, so solid that I’d dare give a lecture of it to someone like Sergey.

Not about computers, how digital bits pass through registers, flip flops, and cache’s and just tend to obey what you tell them. So, definitely I

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Not a weekend passes by without me feeling unproductive of the way the sat-sun went. I mean, just a year ago I was this guy who builds an entire application in a shot of 12 hours, overnight. They were crappy, mostly, but usable.

It’s nothing like that now. I’ve started to see everything as a process that spans days and weeks. But that’s a different story.

I’ve started to read. Read whatever that can add up to me, hoping it’s worth more than building an app in hours. Vivek has added some more books on our desk.

  • The Lean Startup
  • Innovator’s Dilemma
  • something on google

I’ll try reading stuff more and more and write posts about them if possible. Productivity is the key.

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// Caffeine Nomore

I just realized that I’ve brought down my caffeine consumption to almost the bottom of the meter. I used to empty entire bottles of coke in any case, either a serious shot of coding or watching a movie.

BTW, the Coca Cola Corporation is the sole cause, if I become diabetic anytime in the far future (or near, who knows). I don’t touch coffee, or any other form of caffeine.

I don’t really remember when this ‘code only if coke’ festival started, but it’s good I stop it right now. I’m happy I’m not consuming it anymore and still writing code. I still tend to hold a coke can, if it comes to movie watching

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Moving My Blog To Here

I Just changed the skin of my page

Lots of white space and minimalistic.

And also, I’m shifting my blog to here, from the hosted wordpress site.

Looking forward to write more here. Probably more about the books I read.

I’ve began with Code Complete.

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I See

I’ve always wanted to be a programmer close to the hardware.
It’s not easy, but it definitely is fun.
You know the truth that you should. That’s exactly why I love C.

But, frankly I’ve found it hard to embrace it or to write a significant piece of software in C.
In prototype development mode, I want to push a “String” into a stack full of ‘Int’s, but don’t want to handle all the complexity behind it.

In hardcore programmer mode, I want to know the exact memory address my data is imprinted onto.

Well, I found this link which is pretty much what I needed to embrace C.

Now, I know why I should not hate the complexity.

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Sbvtle Opens Up.

I’ve always wanted a blogging platform that could do just one thing for me.

Open up a blank contenteditable div, which looks the same when writing a post and after publishing.

I got it.
I love subvtle.

Oh yes, I love medium too.
Which hasn’t opened up to everyone, yet.

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